Time to make great choices

Miríade Digital is a technology and comunication company that believes the only way to make real progress is through access to reliable information. Knowledge empowers people to make better and more informed choices for their lives, affecting not only them personally, but also entire communities of people who can prosper together. Meet our contributors:

Who's who

At Míriade Digital, our philosophy is simple: we take our work seriously, but when it comes to everything else, we just want to have fun.

Cristina Almeida

Cristina Almeida


As the former Editor-in-Chief of one of the most important health magazines in Brazil, Revista Viva Saúde, Cristina has vast experience in journalism and publishing. She has also written for the largest Brazilian online news portal, UOL, and worked with private companies producing video-reports on health, nutrition, and well-being (Segmento Farma Editores and FARMA TV). Cristina joins Míriade Digital as a content consultant, bringing with her exceptional work ethic, as well as a refined taste in opera and wine.


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Fernanda B. Guedes

Fernanda B. Guedes


With a major in photography, Fernanda has dedicated her professional life to corporate communication and has worked with Thai Gardens Restaurant in Brazil and for Grupo Valentina Caran. A native of São Paulo, she has been a part of Míriade Digital since 2011 as a graphic designer and digital communication specialist. With a genuine talent for connecting with people, she can unveil hidden aspects of her subjects through her portraits. A loving mother of two daughters, Fernanda also spends her free time listening to music and playing with her cats.


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Marcelo M. Orlandi

Marcelo M. Orlandi


Coming from an engineering background, Marcelo has always worked in and been fascinated by technology. He founded Míriade Digital 21 years ago and has been focused on creating and developing digital programming ever since. Over the years, he has contributed to numerous companies across a wide range of sectors. Curious, introspective, and a lover of books and knowledge, Marcelo dreams of moving with his two children to a quiet place near nature that boasts an incredibly fast internet connection.


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Vision, Mission and Values

Name:Mí.ri.a.de: thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions. The word "Míriade" (Myriad) has a Greek root, meaning ten thousand. In Portuguese, it signifies a great and undefined amount. It perfectly expresses the company's mission: to disseminate your message through a multitude of channels – a true digital myriad.

  • Vision

    We believe the future is happening now, but many people have not yet noticed. We want to change that.

  • Mission

    Míriade Digital's mission is to createconnections between people, you, and your business through technology and quality content.

  • Values

    Focus (1), Empathy (2), Results (3):



Focus: Less is more. We believe that ethical, simple and effective communication is the key to making your message understood and impactful to those who receive it.


Empathy: We are here to listen - To you and your clients, in order to establish solid communication. Míriade Digital understands that every company is different and unique in its necessities. By listening and comprehending your needs, we can provide personalized and effective solutions.


Results: When we build a service through a thoughtful, creative and professional process, we can control how it is perceived. Our clients can only prosper and grow from this approach, and everyone wins.


What we want

Collaboration is Míriade Digital's strong suit.


Our team believes that technology alone can't be seen as a solution to the "noise" that interferes with the interaction between our clients. We view the constant search for inspiration in new places as a way to keep the relationship with our clients fresh, dynamic and enduring.


Our mission is not to offer the most modern website or to produce detailed and technical content. We aim to build, on solid ground, an area of great deep understanding among all participants in our projects, so we can know each other well and work according to your needs.

With whom we want to work

Corporate groups, dynamic managers, companies and individuals who want to grow their business.

Corporate groups


Corporate groups

Corporate groups can´t postpone change

Corporate groups who understand that it is important to keep up with the rapidly changing ways we communicate in business today and tomorrow.




Managers who seek quality

Dynamic, proactive managers who seek quality, innovation and professionalism. People who recognize new trends in the marketplace and believe that external groups with specific know-how can be a great allies to help achieve effective results.




Small, medium or big business

Business, be it small, medium or big, who seek creative solutions to inspire their collaborators and clients and help them prosper.




People who want to grow

People who want to grow and flourish, but not alone. They see their brand, products, or services as an inspiration to others, where every transaction carries meaning.